Industry Innovator

Investing in Supply Chain Innovation

Sucro has become an industry disruptor through innovation and investing in supply chain improvements. We have invested in developing breakthrough low cost micro refineries, and lower cost, lower risk, organic sugar logistics. Customers are benefitting from more competition, more supply options and less risk.

Unique and Efficient Logistics

Sucro realized there were significant logistics improvement opportunities within the cane sugar supply chain in North America. With strategically placed smaller, more flexible refineries and facilities, Sucro has changed the cane sugar supply chain for many customers.

Improved Costs & Time

With Sucro’s logistically optimal refinery locations both cost and time savings are readily available to our customers. Lower and more efficient freight costs, more flexible load times, and product specification flexibility all contribute to greater efficiency and lower costs.

Excellent Customer Service & Solutions

Being small gives Sucro more opportunity to offer individualized customer service. We aim to offer creative solutions not typically available from larger, more traditional cane refiners. Sucro looks to develop production around customer requirements, and not the other way around.

Organic Sugar Market Leaders

Sucro’s proven supply chain innovation and excellence has led to Sucro’s market leadership in organic sugar, including volume, innovation and cost. Sucro is designed, built and operated for success.

USDA Refiner’s License Approval

The United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved a refiner’s license for Sucro Sourcing. Sucro will now be eligible to purchase re-export credits from companies that export products containing sugar, with immediate effect.

Please contact Sucro through your sales representative or at for further details and information on how these USDA programs can benefit your company.

USDA Re-Export Program

The Refined Sugar Re-Export Program is designed to facilitate use of domestic refining capacity to export refined sugar into the world market. The program establishes a license against which a refiner can: export domestically produced refined sugar and later import low-duty raw cane sugar; import low-duty raw cane sugar for refining and distribution to licensed U.S. manufacturers of sugar-containing products and/or licensed producers of polyhydric alcohol for non-food purposes; or import raw sugar, refine it and export it into the world market.

The Sugar-Containing Products Re-Export Program is designed to put U.S. manufacturers of sugar-containing products on a level playing field in the world market. U.S. participants in the Sugar-Containing Products Re-Export Program may buy world-priced sugar from any licensed refiners for use in products to be exported to the world market.

The Sugar for the Production of Polyhydric Alcohol Program is established to provide world-priced sugar to licensed U.S. manufacturers of polyhydric alcohols.

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