Driving Sugar Supply Chain with Innovative Improvements

  • More Options
  • Less Risk
  • Quality Service
  • Lower Cost

Discover the Sucro Difference

Investing in Supply Chain Innovation & Solutions.

From raw sugar to refined, to warehousing and freight, our fully integrated supply chain means more opportunities for market disruption and more supply chain alternatives that benefit our customers.

Unique Supply Chain Solutions and Distinct Customer Service

We’ve developed innovative supply chain solutions that lower costs and risks, and deliver enhanced service and options to customers.

Our original and creative strategies help to overcome traditional logistical challenges, and we are equipped to meet a variety of customer requirements from bulk railcars to smaller scale and specialty needs.

We are the only North American cane sugar refiner built with a focus on overall supply chain efficiency opportunities from origin all the way through to the customer.

The Industry Disruptor

  • Unique and Efficient Logistics
  • Improved Costs
  • Excellent Customer Service & Solutions
  • Organic Sugar Market Leaders

Sucro is a full service, cane refiner.

Strategic Locations

Sucro has plants strategically located through the North America heartland of food manufacturing.

Products, Manufacturing & Services

Innovation is the driving force of our company. With SweetLife Services we offer supply solutions to the food manufacturing industry across multiple platforms, including facilities for processing and warehousing. SweetLife by Sucro™ also offers end-product conventional cane, organic sugar and other specialty sweetener products.

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