Facilities Map

Facilities Map
Chicago, IL: University Park Hamilton, Ontario Memphis, TN Lackawanna, NY East & West Coast Warehouse Locations

Chicago, IL: University Park

  • Sucro owns and operates a multi-function sugar facility
  • Ideal for customers looking for cane sugar in the Midwest
  • Access to a rail line
  • Provides many value added services, including liquid process, granular packaging, warehousing, and more.
  • Products: Conventional and organic sugar; Brown Sugar; Liquid Sugar; 50lb bag and tote packaging
  • Processes: Liquid sugar processing (conventional, organic, and LCMT); Warehouse storage (185,000sq ft); Wash station; Indoor liquid sugar loading; Brown Sugar processing
  • Certifications: GFSI Certified; Bond Certificate; Organic Certified

Hamilton, Ontario

  • Fully integrated cane sugar refinery serving the Ontario market
  • Produces bulk granular and liquid sugar
  • Flexible to meet customer demands on quality (color) and service

Memphis, TN

  • Third-party sugar refinery
  • A liquid sugar refinery, converting raw sugar to low and higher color liquid refined sugar

Lackawanna, NY

  • Sucro owns 12 acres of land, four warehouses, and operates a liquid sugar facility – conventional and organic
  • Lackawanna is set to offer a fully integrated cane sugar refinery.
  • Ideal logistics with inbound bulk vessels and outbound bulk trucks and railcars. Situated wharf side to facilitate unloading bulk and breakbulk vessels
  • Ideally located to service customers in the Great Lakes region

East & West Coast Warehouse Locations

  • Sucro also uses 3rd party warehouses on both the east and west coasts, to augment its services and logistics, primarily for organic sugar distribution