Sugar Engineering

Improving and optimizing the process

Sucro Engineering

Sugar Processing

Sucro's processing operations are efficient systems that allow quick market entry to allow for a product offering and logistics savings that would otherwise not be an option with traditional offshore sourcing.

Sugar Technology
Optimized Sourcing
Premium Positioning
Right for the Environment

The Benefits

Better Cost, Better Service, Less Risk

Fewer Processing Steps
Lower Water Consumption
Less Energy Use
Lower Cost Structure

  • Greater space efficiency, space can be dedicated to value added production and not to assign water to sugar.
  • Better user-friendly service; product ready to be used reduced handling on sites; less losses; less cost.
  • Reduce quality issues or risk; greater consistency proven Sucro technology and processing.

  • Wider sugar sourcing option create and alternative to the sole crystallized refined option.
  • Lower processing cost and losses allow cost efficient sugar supply.
  • Reduced exposure to the white premium.

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